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If you encounter problem listening online with the Realplayer, here's a good news: you may now access and listen to our programs via online MP3 streaming. Alternatively, you may download the audio files and let God's Word nourish your soul anytime, anywhere!

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Pray For TWR

Continue to pray for the production of our new youth program, "CrazyMovie". May God give strength and wisdom to our producers and that they will be able to share their insights about life in ways relevant to young adults in China.

Due to the advancement of internet media in China, the usage of mobile smartphones has created massive business opportunities. Please pray that God grant us wisdom to utilize this internet media platform to share the good news with young adults in China.

Thanks God for using your programs to help the needy. My husband has been chatting with a female Internet user for two to three years. They play online games and chat every night ...When I asked him to stop their relationship, he said in a dignified tone that they are clean in relationship. Instead, he said that it was me who have dirty thoughts and would consider other people as dirty as I am. I was very sad and have been praying for God to give me a forgiving heart and patience. I hope that one day, God's wisdom and love will shine on him so that he will return to God... I really do not know what to do.
- Letter from a sister in Anhui Province